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My name is Mathieu Gosselin, and I offer online therapy sessions.

I started my career as a Creative Technologist, working for the likes of Nike, Burberry, Google, Landrover, Jaguar… and also created Psykopaint which is an online photo-painting app used by millions.

Its unexpected use in art therapy, prisons, rehabilitation centers and hospital lead me to understand that my motivation for acting in this world was to help people. So after having gone through a tough life crisis, I decided to ditch my cool high paying job for something more meaningful. I just got sick of making shallow things that makes lots of money yet had no soul.

Back to basis with a mission in mind: "How to help people?"

I decided to try many of the tools availables: psychology, art therapy, shaking therapy, meditation, shamanism, plant medecines, alchemy, spiritual rituals, hypnotherapy, CBT, men's circles... pretty much everything under the sun! For myself but also to help my close family members.

Something I understood is that traditional psychology is long, ineficient, can be painful too. But the worse is psychiatry. As most problems cannot be solved by a magic pill. Most mental issues are "software" ones, not "hardware".

And so the current state of mental healthcare in our society is VERY BAD. They have no clue. It's almost as if they want to keep people on pills and zombified. I know, I've experienced it first hand. Psychiatry is total non-sense. It's horrible. It's mechanical and in my opinion psychopathic. Everyone follows the non-sense they've learnt at school without questioning the very basics, no one use their brains. Even worse for healing professions, no one use their heart.

As much as we are attached to the NHS, If you really want to heal your mind, don't look there.

My aim was to get to the core of how to heal. Straight to the point.


Wanting to cut the non-sense, helping myself by helping others, I created "London honesty meetups" which I ran for 2 years (and then Inner-fight clubs). Where I asked expertise from everyone there to create the best tool via collaboration. Constantly refining the formula each time to heal as much in less time. Massive transformations occured in those sessions, Since we get 'straight to the point' in a safe manner, One participant said he did more progress in one session than 8 years of psychotherapy!

I knew then I was on the right track. So I went on to help volunteers one on one. From a human being to an other, just the experience of being the guy who hears what's really going on in people's lives and how to help seemed to work greatly.


I then trained as hypnotherapist as I understood Hypnotherapy is one of the best tool to treat depression, ahead of psychotherapy or CBT. (Other example). It's such a powerful tool, and yet it has so many misconceptions and non-sense coming from Hollywood attached to it. So I'm offering hypnosis as part of my practice. But it's optional. Think of it more as 'guided meditation', because that's pretty much what it is. There again, some very powerful transformation can occur. And things that would take years in psychotherapy can take 2 hours in hypnotherapy

I also experimented with plant medecines and shamanic practices, and physical release and can give advices and direct you towards what you want and need. Treatment needs to go beyond. the "tell me more about..." that psychologist offer. People need the right guidance, sometimes hearing the right story is what is needed, sometimes it's a change of diet, often it's not something a 'normal' psychotherapist would be allowed to give. Too many misguided regulations and stiffness disguised as professionalism.


To the bottom of our mental ailment is a disconnection with true selves.

Out of fear to present ourselves "as we are", we wear a mask.

Because pretty much everyone does! We live in a giant mascarade.

We lie to others, and eventually we lie to ourselves. No one to talk with. No one to get real with. Men are not allowed to be vulnerable and women cannot be angry. We're not allowed to express what needs to be expressed.

No one is real. No one is true.

Eventually we forget we wore this mask and this 'fake' identity becomes us.

Outside, "everything is fine", inside we're in pain, afraid, ashamed, sad, hurt. We're so disconnected, that most people are not even aware of their own feelings.

We are afraid to be vulnerable, we live in a society that is obssessed with keeping up appearances. We don't want to spread our miseries on others, and so we hold on, first we pretend with others, and we pretend to ourselves.

That lie becomes a mental prison.

Once you step out of that lie and express the unexpress, breakthrough will occurs. I guarantee it.


I genuinely want to help my fellow human beings. I just get a lot of satisfaction helping others. It's as selfish as it is selfless.

That's why, In those very challenging times I'm offering "pay what you feel" sessions. The mission is more important than the moneys. And in tough times, we all need to make an effort. You don't have to pay "Anything" if you don't want to. Or you can pay later after you noticed the effects. It's up to you. It's a generosity based system. Just know that a private psychotherapist or hypnotherapist usually charge between 100£ to 400£ per hour. It's a lot of moneys and I think that's also a problem, not everyone can afford it!

I just genuinely want to help. It's simple. I don't think being rich will give me as much satisfaction as knowing I'm doing something good. So it's as selfish as it is selfless actually.

So if you need help, with anxiety, depression, phobia, traumas, addiction or need guidance, book a session right now! 


    One of the toughest invaders and one hell of a trickster.
    Attacks: Fear freezes your mind, make you believe things that aren’t there, and get you defensive.
    Remedy: Love, confidence & safety suggestions / Trauma release / Progressive exposure.


    : Drains your vital energy and make you want to curl into a little ball.
    Remedy: Help to Grief / Self-love suggestions / Trauma release.


    : Attacks self-worth. Makes you feel better or worse than others.  
    Remedy: Self-acceptance and compassion suggestions.


    : Waste vital energy by turning it inward. Reduce your ability to think clearly.
    Remedy: Guided relaxation / Mental sanctuary.


    : If uncontrolled, anger can transform you into an intolerable asshole.
    Remedy: Suggestions for self-expression / Reprograming the triggering code.



Hypnotherapy is when we use hypnosis for healing the mind and body.
Hypnosis is the set of tools to help you get into a trance state. This trance state is the same state that you have right before sleep or when you were before the age of 3. At that age the frequency of our mind is called theta. It is like a deeply relaxed state. As the body relaxes, the mind focuses. So It's a very natural state. You could say this state is when we 'record' information as opposed to 'read' them, it's when we're fully receptive to change. As we get old, we become more closed to new information and create mental walls. So this state is a perfect opportunity to re-write negative beliefs that have been ingrained since childhood.
And no, I cannot inject beliefs that you do not want to hold. So It is safe. Contrary to what Holywood would have you believe ;-)


All matters of the mind!

I am like a personal doctor for your mind.
From depression, confidence issues, ADHD, anger issues, addictions, sleep disorders, PTSD, complex traumas, sexual disfunctions, boundary issues, even allergies and pain treatment! The mind has a tremendous power over the body, and even physical ailments can be treated through the use of guided meditations.
"Believe and you will be healed" as Jesus said. The pharmaceutic industry who wants to sell you pills you don't need would dismiss this gift of our nature as the 'placebo effect', the truth is the placebo effect is the main healing effect!

Which proves the unexplored power of the human mind. Yet it's not the way our medecine is focused on! 
Everything is upside down! 


The limit is your imagination and willingness!  

Also understand that if you want, Hypnosis is an amazing tool to take your life to the next level.

Change bad habits, setup your mind for success, become bulletproof, charming, confident, loving, kind, improve your memory, your performance... When you set your subconscious mind for success, it goes and get it without you even thinking that you're doing it. Call it magic if you like, but that's how it works. Feel free to ask special requests! Those are my favorite! 

The craziest thing is that people don't know how powerful this 'hypnosis stuff' actually is! 


Want to get lucky in love?

While I was training as a hypnotist and needed some willing subjects. I helped many of my male friends who had a similar problem:
"I can't find a girfriend! I'm too shy, I'm not good, etc...".
So I cooked a recipe with subconscious ingredients to boost their ability to attract someone naturally. And it works! Usually within 2 weeks after months/years of desert, luck strikes!

We don't need Pick up techniques and whatnot.
Among other things, What's needed is for the deep mind to love oneself and understand that males and females are naturally attracted to one another! Some people forget.
This special session is full of mental magic ingredients that will get you to increase dramatically your odds of finding someone special, or casual, depending on your wants. ;-)


  • Is hypnosis safe?
    Nope. It's efficacy in healing rapidly is a giant threat to the traditional medical establishment. In fact instead of dozens of sessions, you might find that 5 or 6 will suffice to treat heavy depression. It is just that there are so much non-sense around hypnosis coming from the movie industry that people are scared. The truth is hypnosis is safe as it's a natural state of attention and every hypnosis is 'self-hypnosis', as a hypnotherapist, I am here to guide you, but you are always in control!
  • Is online therapy less good than in person?
    A hypnotist main tool is his voice. As long as you listen, online hypnotherapy is equally as effective as a face-to-face session, because all you really need to be able to do is listen to the suggestions that I give you. We don’t need to be in the same room for that, so it’s totally possible, and actually very easy, to hypnotise people online, and for me to help you reach your personal goals
  • Can you turn me into a chicken?
    Only if that's what your heart truly desire! ;-)
    The dirty secret of stage hypnosis where people do crazy thing is this: People love to have fun and pretend they are chickens! It is just like role playing when we were child. We all have an innate desire of doing silly things, but then we get old. We just forget! And so during stage hypnosis they only take specific people who WANT to perform in front of an audience and are receptive to fun suggestions. They just enjoy it!